Log Baking – process of transforming log-like-data into a digestible entity

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  • Dynamic Connections Management: Create and manage multiple connections to different Piwik PRO Analytics APIs. LogBaker remembers your configurations, making it easy to switch between different APIs or accounts.
  • User-friendly UI: With a clean and intuitive UI, you can easily manage your connections, send requests, and view responses. All the complexities are handled behind the scenes.
  • Download Status Tracking: LogBaker provides real-time feedback on your data download status. Once the data is ready, the extension saves it directly to your local disk, ensuring you always know the status of your requests.
  • Custom Requests: LogBaker lets you tailor your requests to your needs. Whether you need to fetch analytics data or track events, you can do it all with a few clicks.
  • Security: Your connection data is securely stored locally in your browser. LogBaker respects your privacy and doesn’t send your data anywhere else.

Explanation of necessary permissions:

  • storage – to store your connection configurations and temporary authentication tokens
  • downloads – to be able to save files with data to your hard drive


  • When setting up the connection remember to choose the right connection template for your request body – Sessions, Events or Query API
  • After setting up the connection it’s enough to start it – LogBaker will collect data from multiple requests into a single file and automatically save it in your Downloads folder.
  • Currently LogBaker works only with CSV datasets – format is automatically applied to your request body or forced to CSV if there is another format present in the request body
  • If there will be any error with your credentials or request body structure – you will see error status for given connection
  • Copying the connection creates a 1:1 copy along with credentials of the given connection.
  • Deleting and copying the connections is performed with no confirmation step, only with toast notification about copying/deletion.
  • Although it is not blocked, it is not a good practice to run multiple connections at once – it won’t be faster than running those one after another, as queries are queued.
  • There is no need to include “limit” and “offset” parameters in your Sessions and Events queries – those are handled automatically based on “Package Size” and amount of data returned by query for a given time period. For the Query API, the limit is applied from the “Package Size” parameter unless there is a specific limit included in your request body.
  • As the download is run by the service worker in your Chrome, nothing bad will happen if you close the interface during the download – if it is finalized, the file will still be saved into your Downloads folder. Also you can close and reopen the UI to check on the downloads status (they are updated with each downloaded chunk so you may need to wait a moment for the status to appear), but this may not work stabily – sometimes connection to the UI cannot be restored, then it is recommended to restart the extension in your extensions page.
  • For each of your connections you can adjust the amount of rows retrieved in a single request. The default is 5000. It’s good practice to keep it low. Don’t overload the APIs – be nice for the servers!
  • If you’re planning to download big amounts of data (more than 100MB) it is recommended to use “Save files in chunks” option. Depending on the browser the limit for single file is different and bigger files (for example 500MB) just cannot be created. When saving in chunks, you will get series of files with each chunk numbered.

  • LogBaker is provided as freeware software without warranty. You can contact us if you have any issues and we will do our best to help you out.

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